Vision Statement


We, the Salesians of the Province of Dimapur are Disciples of Christ, after the heart of Don Bosco,Evangelizers of the young, the poor and the disadvantaged, Active collaborators in the mission of the Church and Servant-leaders, integrated into the culture and ethos of the North-East.Mission
Our Mission is:To proclaim the Good News to the peoples of the North East,To accompany and empower young people towards “fullness of life”.To promote human and social development of the less privileged and To work, in partnership with young people, towards justice and peace.

We visualize ourselves as A dynamic network of Christ centred communities,Open to, interacting with and inserted into our neighbourhoods, Making a difference in the fields of youth ministry and education and Responding competently to the emerging challenges of the North-East. We envision a transformed North-East India, where The Way of the Gospel is open to all its diverse peoples, And every young person grows with dignity Towards integral human, social and spiritual maturity And participates in the building up of a more just and humane society.