It was with the plan of opening a Don Bosco School at Dimapur that a plot of land was bought from Mr. Lumthi in 1967 when Fr. Tarcisius Resto was at Christ King Parish, Kohima. When the creation of the Province of Dimapur was announced in 1981, the land at Lumthi colony was considered the ideal place to begin the Provincial House. The foundation-stone of the new Provincial House was blessed by Mgr. Abraham Alangimattathil on 1st November 1981. Don Bosco Provincial House, Dimapur was canonically erected on 2nd July 1982 with Fr. Scaria Nedumala as its first Rector.

Boscome is a new venture started by Fr. Thazhekaden Sebastian in 2001 and attached to Don Bosco Provincial House. The idea occurred to him when during his stay in Dimapur, he came across number of children who were not orphans but who could not afford an education. Their parents were engaged in menial tasks like pulling rickshaws and thelas, shoe repairing, hair cutting, sweeping roads etc and lived in the margins of the society. With the basic skills of writing and reading and a bit of appreciation of their own persons, these children would stand a better chance in society. So Fr. T.O. Sebastian started collecting these children in the evenings on the veranda of a local school. Today this concept of basic education package has taken off to a good start. At present there are over 385 children attending the eight centres spread out in the various parts of the city.

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