St. Joseph’s Shajouba is situated at a distance of about 3 km from Tadubi off the Imphal-Kohima highway. St. Joseph’s School, Shajouba originally a village school, was taken over by St. Mary’s Parish in 1982 while Fr. Joseph Edakudan was the Parish Priest of Mao. Mr. Joseph was the first teacher and boarding master. Fr. Vincent Perumala looked after the centre from 1991. Fr. Peter Bianchi was appointed in charge of the centre in 1995 and began residing at Shajouba. The school has grown to be a high school over the years.

In 2007 there are 726 students and 23 staff in St. Joseph’s school. The students are mostly Maos. There are also a few Poumai, Rongmei and Nepali. In 2007 there are 15 boarders in the boy’s boarding run by the Salesians. Besides running the school the centre also holds Sunday masses, conducts catechism classes for children and assists the St. Joseph’s parish Tadubi for any pastoral help. The centre runs a mini-youth centre.

Mission centre, pastoral work and evangelization, village masses, village visits, pastoral services, chaplaincy, high school.

St. Joseph’s School
Shajouba, Tadubi PO – 795 104

(03871) 263343