The land at Poumei Colony bought in 1965 when Fr. Peter Bianchi was the Parish Priest of Don Bosco, Chingmeirong, was selected to establish a hostel for College students. By 1985 the building was completed and Fr. Job Kallarackal was appointed the first Warden of the Ravalico Hostel. It began on 14th October 1986 with eight boys.

In 2015 there are 87 students in the hostel. They belong to 19 tribes and over fifteen parishes. They all study in the various colleges and Higher Secondary Schools of Imphal.

Boys Hostel, Pastoral Services

Ravalico College Hostel
C/o Don Bosco
P.B. 9, Chingmeirong,
Imphal  795 001

Ravalico College Hostel
Poumai Colony
PS Heingang
PO Lamlong
PIN 795010
Imphal East

(0385) 2421195

Wardens and Assistant Wardens of the Hostel
1. Fr. Job Kallarackal 1985-1989
2. Fr. Joseph Chittissery 1989-1992
3. Fr. Tony 1992-1994
4. Fr. Mathew Pottukulam 1994-1994
5. Fr. TD George
6. Fr. Cyriac
7. Fr. Manuel Paikada 1995-1996
8. Fr. Ranjit Toppo
9. Fr. Thomas Kalluvelil
10. Bro. Biju Poonamkavil 1997-
11. Fr. Paulus Kerketa
12. Fr. Elow Samuel
13. Fr. Francis
14. Bro. Mathew
15. Fr. Thomas Salew 2010-2013
16. Fr. Benny James 2013-2016
17. Bro. Philemon Mohmai 2013-2015
18. Fr. Palathinkal Kuriakose 2014-2014
19. Fr. Jerome Moshary 2016-