Vision Statement

The Don Bosco
School Policy aims to groom the youth of today, by providing quality education
within the reach of all, to be intellectually competent, morally upright,
socially committed, spiritually inspired persons in a mature learning environment
and empowering them to be protagonists of their own development and
contributors to the sustainable development of the nation within the context of
its plurality of religions and diversity of culture along with the teaching and
parental community at large.

Mission Statement

We, the
Salesians of Don Bosco, guided by the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ and
educational philosophy of St. John Bosco offer the young people a holistic
education through the ‘Preventive System’ so as to “have life in its fullness”
(John 10:10).

We the
Salesians of Don Bosco offer to young people the best educative ambience in all
our Salesian institutions, so that they experience the care and love of the
Educator, which affirms their dignity and self-worth. We ensure opportunities
for them to reflect on their aspirations; recognize their own potentials and
achieve integral growth and development.

We the
Salesians of Don Bosco recognize and affirm that every young person in our care
can and must offer his/her service to building up our society and contribute to
the sustainable development of the nation. We make tangible efforts to enable
our formation of the young to be both for integral development and social
empowerment based on love and dharma true to the motto of our country- Satyameva Jayate!

We work with
teachers, parents, students and other lay experts to plan and carry out
programmes for the welfare of students.

Don Bosco
Board of Education

Province of

282 Metha
Colony, PB 40, Dimapur-797112

E-mail:, Ph: 7005217922


Delegate: Fr KRENI Salew Peter

I)  Schools  
    Sector Head
    Arunachal West : Fr. GANGMEI Jangsinglung Joshua
    Arunachal East : Fr. CHOVELIKUDIYIL Mathew (CJ)
    Assam Region : Fr. NELJEN Antony
    Nagaland  Region : Fr. THALU Phuba James
    Manipur  Region : Fr.


   Others : BR POONAMKAVIL Biju Joseph
  : Fr. KARINATTU Benny Kurian
II)  Higher Education  
    Sector Head
: Fr. Karamullil Jose George
    Members : Fr. KAROTTUPURAM Sebastian (KO)
  : Fr. MUTHIRAKALAM Sabu Joseph
  : Fr. PADMANABHAN Suresh Innocent
  : Fr. PALELY Jose
  : Fr. Fr. PATHIKULANGARA Jerry Thomas
  : Fr. XALXO Policarp