Annual Youth Meet in 2019 in SCHE

The annual Youth meet 2019 was held in the SCHE campus today 29th September 2019. Around 500 students in and around Dimapur, braving the inclement weather and heavy downpour took part in it. The theme for the youth meet this year has been, “Youth for Holiness”. The programme is as follows: inaugural ceremony, Holy Mass, Animation in groups, Community Meal, colourful cultural dances with the theme song and theme skit and the prize awarding ceremony to winners of Bosco Sing out 2019 and the 28 volunteers of the Villages. The chief guest for the occasion was Shri. Nikhao Yeptho, Deputy Superintendent, Dist. Jail, Dimapur, Nagaland. The Guests of honour for the occasion was Dr. Fr. Peter Sales DBYES- Dimapur and Fr. Karippai Jose, Director of Bosco College of Teacher Education. The chief guest in message underscored that the Youth could change the society with the right mindset. They are the hope of tomorrow. They should not be slave to technology but master it. Dr. Peter Salew underscored the need to master the techniques to cultivate holiness. Fr. Karippai Jose stressed the need to keep close to elders and others who are proficient in the field and seek guidance if we want to come up in life.

Except for a few hours in the morning the rest of the day enjoyed sunny weather. The Youth left the campus singing, dancing and having the photo session with their friends. The whole day has a been a chequered chapter down the memory lane.