FR. Jose Kuruvachira is the new Provincial of Dimapur Province

Dimapur: 16th June 2018

Rev. Fr. Rector Major , Fr. Angel Artime has appointed Rev. Fr. Jose Kuruvachira as the seventh Provincial of Salesian Province of Dimapur.

Fr. Jose Kuruvachira holds a doctorate from UPS and currently the head of the Philosophy desk in UPS. He is a scholar, teacher and writer. He has a host of books to his credit. He left the province in 2010 as a doctor of philosophy  to teach in the department of philosophy.

Salesian College, Dimapur bids farewell to Rector, Vice Rector, Principal and Administrator

Dimapur: 12th  June 2018

                Salesian College Dimapur, Nagaland, India (Post novitiate formation house and undergraduate degree college), will certainly cherish one of the most peculiar yet remarkable farewell in the recent history of the college when the Rector, the Vice Rector, the Principal and the Administrator organized farewell for themselves making it an event that will be recalled from time to time with joy and anguish. The transfer was mother of all transfers and certainly intriguing as it swept like tsunami at one go, Fr. Tom Karthik (Rector), Fr. Sebastian Jose (Vice Rector and Librarian), Fr. (Dr) Policarp Xalxo (Principal) and Fr. Rajeesh Devasia (Administrator and Asst. Professor).  Fr. Tom Karthik aged 82 probably the oldest Rector in the congregation served 5 years, Fr. Sebastian Jose 4 years, Fr. Policarp Xalxo 3 years and Fr. Rajeesh Devasia 5 years.  The move is aimed at revamping and strengthening the post novitiate formation house which will certainly pay dividends in the years to come.

Salesian College that houses Salesians of Shillong, Guwahati, Dimapur and a large number of diocesan seminarians and religious nuns along with day scholar boys found itself in the centre of much discussion as to who gets importance, philosophical formation or secular studies.  The subject is still debatable though sometime unfair criticism is labeled. I say, let the scale swing to whichever side, the formees will certainly speak for themselves. As for the recent development the Salesians are pursuing two year philosophy course while the diocesan seminarians and religious nuns continue to enjoy the earlier provision of BA and Philosophy extending up to three years.

Transfers or apostolic assignments whatever one may term it, is certainly God’s will manifested through the will of the superiors which tests and strengthens the vow of obedience. However devoid of faith and led by human reason alone one tends to question the wisdom of such total transfer. The history is witness to truth that God’s ways are different and they are inevitable.

FR. Dennis Panipitchai is the New Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Miao

Dimapur: 08.06.2018

We are happy to inform you that the Holy Father has appointed Fr. Dennis Panipitchai SDB as the Auxiliary Bishop of Miao Diocese. Fr. Dennis, currently the Novice Master in Kohima, has worked in East Arunchal for many years in various capacities. We thank God for this appointment and welcome him back to Arunachal Pradesh. Fr. Dennis was born in Tamil Nadu, Kolachal, Kottar Diocese on 27th July 1958 of (late) Antony and Bibiana Dennis.