Doomdooma: 28th March 2017

The DBHSS, Doomdooma is a higher secondary school run by the salesians of Don Bosco. It is light-house of knowledge on the borders between upper Assam and East Arunachal Pradesh. The town of Doomdooma is inhabited by Adivasis, Assamese, Misings etc., Currently, the school is undergoing modification and renovation in infrastructure. The Prinicpal, Rev. Fr. Tarsicius Toppo and the Headmaster Fr. Igness Hans are hopeful of taking the c School in to new momentum. The students and staff are beaming with the smile as the Don Bosco institution is walking on to new grounds.

DBHSS, Dimapur is holding the Talents Search

Dimapur: 28th March 2017

Don Bosco Higher secondary school, River-belt colony, Dimapur is organisng a ‘Talent Search’ in its campus. The Participants are from students of  3A. it is about to  take place on 28th March 2017  from  8:00 am5:00 pm. The Chief organizer of this ‘Talents Search” is class 8A students. The students, by  large, are optimistic about this event as the primary school children are going to set a new momentum in the history of of DBHSS.

Salesian College Dimapur bids farewell to 6th semester students

Dimapur: 28th march 2017
To appreciate and thank the 6th Sem. students, Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) organized a farewell programme on 25th March, 2017 at Paul Bernick memorial Hall.

In the introduction talk, Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Principal of SCHE, exhorted the students to remain under the shadow of great teachers so as to learn more wisdom and experience. He posed a question: “Have you learn to think critically of the things happening around you?” In this connection, he encouraged the students to look for people who can guide and lead them as they go ahead in life. The two veterans of the College, SCHE Rector Fr. Tom Karthik and Counsellor Fr. V.M. Joseph were duly acknowledged for their valuable contribution in the fields of counselling and spiritual direction to the students. He concluded saying, “May you fare well in all situations and all times.”

On behalf of the College, Sunil Bara 4th Sem. expressed words of gratitude to the seniors for their contributions, guidance and good examples. Mathew Haokip 6th Sem. thanked the staff and students of SCHE for helping them for the past three years in their all-round development.

In the parting message, Fr. Tom said, “You have not finished your studies, you are going to start your studies because learning is a life-long process. The college has nurtured you physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally, now the time has come for you to give to the society.” He also gave them some tips to take care of one’s whole being: eat healthy, continue to learn, spread the message of love and grow in the love of God.

The College has acknowledged the service of Student Forum and Club members by awarding them the Certificates of Appreciation. A beautiful memory of the 6th sem. was brought alive through the video presentation by Lecturer Bro. Dominic Ralte.

The programme also saw colourful items: Choreography by Sisters, Special no. by Anthony Panmei 6th Sem., Creative Item by 2nd Sem., and Song by 6th Sem. Basil Soreng 4th Sem. gave a fitting vote of thanks, mentioning various individuals who made the programme successful. The event was co-ordinated by Lecturers Miss Kaisa Ashuli and Miss Lophro Mary along with 4th sem. students.

After the hall programme, a football friendly match was played between the College team and the out- going students. The former won the match by 3-2 goals. The day went peacefully and ended on a happy and nostalgic note.

INS Chief Maliekal George sdb animates SCHE’s RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS

Dimapur:    Salesian College:    23rd march 2017

Don Maliekal animated the residential students of SCHE this morning over the Holy Eucharist. Speaking in his homily, He underscored over on the following points:
1. We have a well-established infrastructure here. Everything seems to fall in place here. Everything we need is here.
2. But if do we make use of what is fully available here, then it serves no purpose.
3. These days, the theme of formation is widely talked about in all circles. What is happening here? After all these careful process: Capital: money, personnel and human resources, many of the formees do not bear expected results.
4. While being here, we need to concentrate on the three points:
4.1 We need to relate to God well, by being men of God, of Spirit and men of Union with God like our Father and Founder Don Bosco. Otherwise, the people and young people at large may not see in us men of God as they do not approach us for counseling and spiritual direction. They would rather approach for admissions and administrative matters.
4.2 We need to relate to one another well. We can do it by loving everyone and accepting everyone. We need to chip out of our personality and character all that is unacceptable for loving others.
4.3 We need to talk to ourselves often. We need to reflect as to who we are, what we are supposed to do and where are we going. We need to pay attention about our living.
If we pay attention to all these three, then we can surely be considered as good persons, saintly religious and men of God.

Don Bosco HSS, Dimapur Kicks off its Sports day 2017

Dimapur: 22nd march 2017

The students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dimapur has began the ANNUAL SPORTS DAY  today. It was inaugurated with the fitting ceremony and solemnity. The students are divided in to four house systems: BLUE, GREEN, RED and YELLOW. The students are enthusiastic to try tenaciously to win cups and kudos to their respective houses. The whole campus is set on fire with the true sportspersonship.

SCHE felicitates Dr. Tiatula Ozukum

Salesian College, Dimapur: 22nd March 2017

Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) extends heartiest congratulations to Dr. Tiatula Ozukum, Asst, Researcher of SCHE on being conferred the Doctorate of Philosophy. She was guided by Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao (Associate professor) JNU Delhi on the topic “Schooling of Children in a conflict zone,” an ethonography of Atoizu in Nagaland.

We wish her success in her future endeavor.

SCHE students participate in Transformative Christian Leadership

Salesian College, Dimapur: 22nd  March 2017

In a four day residential programme on Transformative Christian Leadership, supported by Xavier Board of Higher Education in India and facilitated by Siloam at the Siloam Transformational Leadership Resource Center Umiam, Meghalaya, four Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) students namely Jerome Mangkung (6th Sem.), Mathew Jangkhosei Haokip (6th Sem.), Justin K (6th Sem.), Philip Gainingam Reamei (2nd Sem.) and Asst. Prof. Angela Kevirano represented the college on the occasion which was held on 16th–20th March 2017. The programme focussed on the theme: Leading Like Jesus.

Fr. George Palamattathil SDB, Director of Siloam, presented on Visionary Leadership. He said, “You are a leader who has to depend on others to accomplish a goal.” Fr. Richard SJ, Novice Master, presented on Spirituality and Environment. Fr. James Poonthuruthil SDB, former provincial of Dimapur Province, presented on Our Responsibility for Conserving the Environment. He suggested some solutions to environmental crisis: 1. Adopting a simple life style, 2. Imparting ecological education, 3. The 3Rs, Reduce, Repair and Recycle, 4. Use of public transport. Bro. Albert, Principal of St. Anthony’s College spoke on the theme: “Maturing in Christ.” He said, “We must prioritize our life and give Jesus the first place in our life.” On the last day, there was an interaction with three devout couples. Many questions pertaining to married life were clarified during the session.

The programme also catered to spiritual aspect with Holy Mass, Way of the Cross, and Movie: “God’s not dead.” The participants of the colleges were divided into 12 groups, each with the Apostle’s name. As part of the event, each college displayed their tradition through dress and songs. In the ecological power point presentation competition, SCHE got the consolation prize. The programme was a great boost for the students to be effective leaders in the future.

North East State NSS Festival 2017

Itanagar: 22nd march 2017

The students of Don Bosco College, Itanagar kept ‘NORTH-EAST  STATE NSS FESTIVAL 2017’ in its campus. It was oragnised with the help of the state NSS department. The students were informed, enlightened on the duties, rights and privileges of  NSS cadre in the society and the nation India with the particular reference to North-East India. They whole-heartedly enjoyed the day as their volunteerism is given a new identity, status and look through NSS.

DBC, Golaghat College hostelers bring alive the flower gardens

GOLAGHAT:  22nd March 2017

Taking advantage of the First Saturday Holiday, the hostelers gave a face lift to the college garden. It was interesting to see them preparing flower beds for new saplings and softening the soil for the already blooming plants. They also brought manure. In an hour’s time, the whole landscape looked so different. We appreciate their hard work.