Day 4: 12th Provincial Chapter

Dimapur: 7th April 2016

The fourth day of the Provincial Chapter saw the members gathering around the Eucharistic table presided over by Rev. Fr. Bosco Perianayagam sdb, the vice-provincial, in the morning. Thereafter, they went in for breakfast.  The session of the Chapter began at 09.00 a.m. in the main hall. After the brief session of report presenting and interaction, the chapter members started the discussion as a single body from the main hall itself. The discussion of the members as  were centred around the concerns of the province. At. 12.30.p.m. they came out for Lunch.

Incidentlly, today happened to be the birthday of  Rev. Fr. Roy Mannettal sdb, Rector and Administrator of  Don Bosco, Kohima. It was celebrated with due solemnity of cutting cakes, singing birth day songs and shaking of hands. Truly, today seemed to be one of the memorable days of the chapter.  Chapter is  a  ‘fraternal body and in a friendly atmosphere, so there is no time for clashes or retaining vengenful feeling towards one another..’ voiced one of the members of the chapter.

Day 3: Provincial Chapter

Dimapur: 6.04.2016
Day 3 saw the chapters as being animated by Rt. Rev. George Pallipparambil SDB DD, Bishop of Miao for the holy Eucharist in the morning. The normal session of Chapter began around 09.00 a.m. After a brief moment, the chapter members broke in to 6 groups for group discussion on the various questions given for group discussion. Around 11.00 a.m. ensuing the coffee break, Fr. Policarp, the Principal of Salesian College of Higher Education was asked by the Moderator. Rev. Fr. Chittissery Joseph sdb, to present the ‘Salesian College as seeing the NAAC acrediation with minor changing of formation structure. This was the part of the session of the concerns of the Dimapur Province. Immediately after that session, the chapter members broke into group discussion.

Day 2: 12th Provincial Chapter at DBPH, Dimapur

Dimapur: 5th April 2016

Day 2 of  Provincial Chapter saw Holy Eucharist by Rt. Rev. Joseph Aind SDB DD. At 9.00 a.m. there was actual start of the 12th Provincial Chapter with Key Note address by Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Kezhekkara sdb.  In his key note address, he underscored the personality of Pope Francis as living Jesus, as reported by WASHINGTON POST which was always critical of the Catholic church and the popes of  yesteryears. The pope is calling the world to be living witnesses of the Gospel, as our living and doing will actually give lead to follow us. He further stressed Don Bosco as living witness of the Gospel, as he loved and lived for the young.

He concluded the keynote address with the  words of Very. Rev. Fr. Juan Vecchi sdb, the former Rector Major. He quoted Fr. Vecchi as saying that we, salesians need to be excellent in  human qualities. The salesians need to be excellent in prayer and spiritual life. He further stressed that we need to give professional edge in everything we do with the intention to evangelize people to be good and leading them to have encounter with Christ. It was indeed very inspiring keynote address.




Dimapur: 4th April 2016

From 4 – 8 April are the chequered days in the golden annals of Dimapur Province as it holds 12th Provincial chapter in aegis of Don Bosco Provincial House, Dimapur. 4th April saw the members beginning with the  full day recollection , preached by Very. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kezhekkara sdb, the former Provincial of Kolkata and New Delhi provinces. He centred on five key concepts as a congregation to be lively and relevant to modern times. They can be summed up as:

  1. Radical committment to the charism of the congregation
  2. Sharing the Charism with the laity in our set up
  3. Deep prayer life
  4. Love for the Pope and the Church
  5. Filial Devotion to Mary who nurtured the infant Church.

Further, Fr. Bosco Perianayagam sdb in his address, welcomed all the Chapter members. He expressed the hope on the behalf of  the Provincial , Very. Rev. Fr. Nestor Guria sdb and the Province, underscoring that this would signal a new lease of life and renewal for the Province.