Inauguration of the New Parish and Induction of the New Parish Priest at Sechii Zubza

Zubza : 31st January 2016  saw the unfolding of multiple events at Sechii Zubza. First of all it was the feast of the “remarkable saint” of the church namely St. John Bosco as Bishop James Thoppil pronounced it. Secondly the long cherished dream of the catholic faithful of getting a full-fledge parish was fulfilled. Third the induction of Rev. Elow Samuel (present Rector of DBS Sechii-Zubza) as the first Parish Priest of the newly inaugurated Parish. All these reasons were the cause of our happiness and the festivity.

There were 23 priests concelebrating for the Holy Mass. It was a significant celebration because there were many priests from the diocese of kohima and many religious. Some representatives from Assam and Manipur were present for the occasion. Many Sisters also participated from Dimapur and Kohima region. There were about a thousand faithful witnessing this historical event from all the neighbouring villages and the Western Angami Region. The celebration was added with a host of dignitaries namely the DC of Kohima Mr. Rovilato Mor, all the Catechists of the Western Angami region, the Pastors of the different denominations of D block and the village chairman and elders.

The order of the celebration was: Welcoming of the Bishop, Solemn Eucharist presided by Most Rev. James Thoppil Bishop of Kohima and concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Nestor Guria the Salesian Provincial of Dimapur Province, and 22 other priests, felicitation Programme and festive community Meal.

During the Holy Mass Most Rev Dr. James Thoppil inaugurated and declared the new Parish of Maria Goretti Sechii Zubza opened and inducted Rev. Fr. Elow Samuel the present Rector of DBS Zubza as the first Parish Priest. The whole religious ceremony was conducted very meaningfully following all the norms laid down by the Catholic Church.

The seed of the Catholic faith was sown in the area in 1967. It then took root and grew initially under the pastoral care of Christ King Parish, Kohima, later under Cathedral Parish, and finally under Khonoma Parish from 1999. It was on the Christmas day 25th December, that Rev. Fr. Jacob Charalel announced publicly the creation of the new parish of Sechii Zubza.  He also declared that it will on the 31st January 2016 when it will be inaugurated.

May the New Parish with its new Parish Priest and the faithful as the wish of all those present progress steadily on the path of faith, socio-economic, peace and unity; and unceasingly enjoy the bountiful blessings of the Almighty God bringing many into his Church. ………………Br. George